Speaker Details

Heinz Kabutz
Heinz is the mastermind behind The Java Specialists' Newsletter. He has a PhD in Computer Science. Heinz has programmed significant portions of several large Java applications and has taught Java to thousands of professional programmers. He is a regular speaker at all the major Java conferences.Heinz was chosen as a Java Champion by Sun Microsystems, the inventors of Java, for his work in advancing Java.Heinz presents our Java training courses anywhere in the world, either in person or via remote teaching technologies. He is the author of all our courses, including Java Specialist Master, Design Patterns and Concurrency Specialist Courses.
"My Village Chorafakia Akrotiri - a book by Emmanouil Koutrakis son of Giorgos Heinz held the book in his hand. It was written in flowery Greek. But not just any Greek. The local village dialect of Cretan spoken in the village of Chorafakia. The book was hundreds of pages long, with almost 500 photographs. Unfortunately, even though Heinz has lived on Crete for almost 18 years, Greek, and especially Cretan, was still opaque to him. "Would you mind if I translate this book into English?" Heinz asked Mr Manolis confidently. Shouldn't be too hard.. "With the greatest of pleasure, as long as it doesn't cost me anything extra." And with that, the journey began to try and translate a book about the history of our village Chorafakia into something that Heinz could understand. After several years of wrong starts, we finally managed to convert the entire book to AsciiDoc. We also wrote some Java code that would send each portion to the ChatGPT 4.0 API for translation.
During the talk, we will attempt to translate the entire book of over 500 pages into a new language, as well as show the code that drives everything. The logic
for working with the files and for interacting with the ChatGPT API was mostly generated by the ChatGPT AI. We will also look at virtual threads and structured concurrency and show how that was used to accelerate the translation process. We will also demonstrate how the ChatGPT AI built in to IntelliJ can be used to
simplify our coding tasks.