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Ema Zyka
Ema Zyka is a Lead Software Engineer at Allwyn with more than 10 years of working experience in web development. She is also a proud co-organizer of the Vue.js Athens meetup.Ema has a passion for education and learning and has been involved in academies and courses by developing curriculums and acting as a tech instructor for Software Engineers.She enjoys connecting with people and working with teams that share a purpose and shape an environment where experimentation, continuous learning, and growth are highly valued. She spends her days crafting things with Javascript and has played a key role in distributed and diverse teams by delivering end-to-end solutions, acting as an engineer, leader, mentor, and contributor in every step of the process.
This session delves into the intricacies of transitioning from Vue.js 2 to Vue 3, exploring the landscape “Beyond the Sunset.” We’ll dissect the end-of-life phase of Vue.js 2 and navigate through the key considerations for migrating to Vue 3. Through concise discussions and practical insights, discover the nuances of the process, including addressing deprecations, leveraging Vue 3's enhanced features, and adopting best practices for a seamless migration experience.