Speaker Details

George Goulis
EY Greece
George is a dynamic Technology Consultant with a robust 15-year career in IT, specializing in the Insurance sector. Based in Athens, he holds a BSc in Computer Engineering from the Technological Educational Institute of Piraeus, and an MSc in Data Communications from Brunel University of London. He speaks Greek and English fluently. George is recognized for his deep understanding of insurance operations and his expertise in data modeling and IT strategy, transformation and implementation. He holds certifications in SAFe 6 as Agilist and in Scaled Professional Scrum, showcasing his proficiency in Agile methodologies. Working at EY Technology Consulting since 2016, he has skillfully led and managed various projects in Greece, Sweden, Austria and Netherlands. George's role has been pivotal in software requirements determination, effective risk management, and ensuring the highest standards of code quality, demonstrating his invaluable blend of technical acumen and sector-specific insight.
Behavior-Driven Development, a cutting-edge approach to software development, aims to bridge the gap between technical and non-technical stakeholders by focusing on clear, shared language and collaborative processes. We will cover the origins and philosophy of BDD, its process flow from user stories to feature and scenario implementation, and the role of collaboration among team members. We will delve into the practical aspects of BDD, such as writing user stories in Gherkin language, and highlighting the advantages and challenges associated with this methodology. Designed for both newcomers and seasoned professionals in software development, this presentation seeks to provide valuable insights into how BDD can enhance communication, clarity, and efficiency in building software that aligns closely with user needs and business goals.