Tech Symphony: Orchestrating Best Practices Across Diverse Technology Stacks
Quickie (INTERMEDIATE level)
Room A
A short yet comprehensive exploration of managing multiple technology stacks. This session targets software engineers, focusing on integrating, maintaining, and optimizing various tech systems to work in unison. Participants will learn effective strategies for seamless interoperability and performance consistency across different platforms. It's an ideal session for those looking to enhance their multi-stack management skills and ensure their technology strategies are both efficient and harmoniously aligned.
Christodoulos Pappas
Christodoulos, a Director at TeamViewer, holds a degree in Computer Science from the Ionian University. His journey in software development began with the creation of his first mobile application during his academic tenure, he soon became a Laboratory Assistant for Object- Oriented Programming, Data Structures, and Operating Systems. Commencing his professional path as a Full Stack Software Engineer, Christodoulos later transitioned to the captivating realm of management after gaining valuable experience over the years.
In his present role at TeamViewer, he leads the teams responsible for the device management system and has responsibility for the company's core mobile applications. In addition to guiding the teams in the creation of cutting-edge software, he actively empowers his team members to enhance their individual skills and capabilities.